Welcome to FreeleticStats.de

You agonized through the freeletics workouts and now you want to know, what you have achieved?
Here we go. At freeleticStats.de you can:

  • import your trainings from freeletics automatically
  • view your trainings
  • see statistics about your trainings
  • see statistics about the single exercises
  • log your personal body transformation (coming soon)
And all without the need, to enter a single training by hand.


All you need is a valid email address and your freeletics user id. You find your freeletics user id, when you log in at the freeletics-homepage and click on your Name in the upper right corner. Thereby you will be directed to your freeletics account page. Now you need a part of the url of this page:
The url looks somehow like this: www.freeletics.com/en/users/93279867/feed. The bold number is your freeletics user id.

All right? Then go on register and start.


If you have questions or wishes or you find a mistake - contact me. I run and extend this site in my spare time and would be glad about your help for improvement.


freeleticStats.de is and will be free.

But meanwhile I spent a lot of time and work into this project (my wife is not amused about that...). I got many replies with modification proposals and wishes, I´m trying to implement them all. Beside others I was asked to add a donation button to this site, which I did (at the end of each page).

If you like my page and you want to honour my work, I would be happy about a small donation. Thanks in advance.

For all donators the advertisements will be deactivated at the whole page.

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